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12 2017 JANUARY

Fat Burner Plus Takes Title Sponsor Position of Jay Cutler Desert Classic and Grows Roots in the Entertainment Capital of the World

By Nature Companies, LLC (BNC) is pleased to announce Fat Burner Plus as title sponsor of the NPC’s Jay Cutler Desert Classic in partnership with Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas.

Title sponsorship of this premier NPC event was inspired by BNC's recent relocation of corporate headquarters to Las Vegas, Nevada, and the company’s plans for increasing involvement in national. READ MORE...

05 2017 JANUARY

HERE WE GROW AGAIN! By Nature Companies Strengthens Fat Burner Plus International Retail Presence

By Nature Companies, LLC (BNC) is entering 2017 at full speed; kicking off the New Year with official E-commerce and Retail launch of Fat Burner Plus in Mexico.

E-commerce: www.FatBurnerPlus.com has now been made available completely in Spanish as www.FatBurnerPlus.mx, making the products that so many people already love that much more accessible. Online checkout has been. READ MORE...

28 2016 OCTOBER

Fat Burner Plus Commences Production Of Game-Changing Energy Shot

We’ve all seen them somewhere. Most of us have even tried one at some point.

It’s an educated guess supported by the simple fact that, in a relatively short period of time, 5-Hour Energy (a product of privately owned Living Essentials, LLC) has gone from zero to over one billion dollars in annual revenue. Staggering growth by any measure, even. READ MORE...

07 2016 OCTOBER

Fat Burner Plus Launches New Advanced Formula and Two New Delivery Methods: FB+ Energy and FB+ Shot

At FatBurner+ we strive in our commitment to constant innovation - a commitment that has taken this incredible product and made it even better! Boasting a new advanced formula, FatBurner+ will now contain the powerful ingredient Coenzyme Q10 (or “CoQ10”) and an enhanced Amino Acid blend strengthened by the addition of L-carnitine.

As one of the industries leading multi-functional.


Fat Burner Plus Strategically Positions To Penetrate $206 Billion Global Market

Move to Implement Global Warehousing and Fulfillment Capability Creates Opportunity for Fat Burner Plus to Tap into Full Potential of Weight-Loss and Sports Nutrition

Troy, MI – Emerging weight-loss and sports nutrition player By Nature Companies, LLC (BNC) - DBA Fat Burner Plus - has strategically positioned itself to implement a warehousing and fulfillment solution in order to launch retail/wholesale. READ MORE...

30 2016 JULY

By Nature Companies, LLC and Fat Burner Plus Connect With Powerhouse Gym International To Hit Retail Shelves Worldwide

Emerging E-commerce Player Opens Up Retail Distribution with Flagship Product Fat Burner Plus

Troy, Michigan - By Nature Companies, LLC solidifies retail distribution deal with Powerhouse Gym International, Inc. fueled by early success of its flagship multifunctional weight-loss supplement Fat Burner Plus.

As By Nature Companies (BNC) continues to cultivate a rapidly growing E-commerce business and social following. READ MORE...

24 2016 MAY

What You Want vs What You Need

A FatBurner+ Perspective on Sustainable Weight Loss

Take a look around; there’s a flood. Sure, it’s not a literal flood. After all, an actual flood tends to be a one-time event. This flood is ongoing, and while streets and houses aren’t being consumed by it, the very lives of your family members, friends and neighbors are. It’s even possible that. READ MORE...

16 2016 APRIL

Take Back Your Health: 10 Sure Ways To HIIT Your Fitness Goals

I’m done. I’m just done! I’m not 100% sure what comes next, but I’m 110% sure that I need to make some kind of change.

It’s a rare human being who hasn’t had a similar thought at some point or another, and most of the time it is related to our health and fitness. Oh, and by the way, in. READ MORE...

12 2016 APRIL

DON’T GET IT TWISTED: Dedication And Effort In The Wrong Direction Will Leave You Frustrated

Help me out here. Please reassure me that I’m not the only one having little conversations with myself during random moments of the day!

Wait, let me add one more thing for the sake of clarity; I don’t mean loud, verbal theatrics on a bench in a busy park mid-summer. I’m talking about those in your head moments where your. READ MORE...

07 2016 APRIL

Time to RESET! The Most Important 3 Days of Your Life

Contrary to what you’ve probably seen and heard, the greatest weight-loss supplement is only half the battle.

How many of us are tired of hearing about the “magic pills” that promise to melt away body fat and give you an athletic appearance; all without changing your routine at all? If you are, then right now – right where you are. READ MORE...