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Time to RESET! The Most Important 3 Days of Your Life fat burner plus
07 2016 APRIL

Time to RESET! The Most Important 3 Days of Your Life

Contrary to what you’ve probably seen and heard, the greatest weight-loss supplement is only half the battle.

How many of us are tired of hearing about the “magic pills” that promise to melt away body fat and give you an athletic appearance; all without changing your routine at all? If you are, then right now – right where you are sitting – say “I AM! STOP LYING TO ME!”. Go ahead, say it. And don’t be too quiet about it. We’ll wait... There’s something about saying things out loud to help establish a turning point.

There, did you do it? It’s true that verbalizing a feeling can be powerful, but there’s also another reason we did that. If there’s anyone within ear shot of you right now, they’re probably looking at you pretty funny! Now you’ve got a possible introduction to someone new, a little laugh, and a good story for a future conversation.

That little exercise aside, there’s a lot of truth to that feeling isn’t there? It’s because deep down inside, we all know that a supplement is not magical, no matter how much we want to believe it. Don’t get us wrong here, we stand behind FatBurner+ as being one of the best all-natural weight-loss supplements available, but we are also firmly grounded in reality. Sustainable change ALWAYS comes from a change in lifestyle, which boils down to a change in daily habits.

Most of us would admit that we have a strong desire to improve or maintain our health and physical fitness. For some it’s to be able to go to the beach and feel comfortable taking your shirt off, for others it’s for immediate health issues or prevention of future ones. Some of us just want to be able to keep up with our kids and be more a part of their active lives. Others simply desire to stay feeling and looking young in order to get the maximum enjoyment out of retirement and grandkids!

Whatever your reason for change, there is no magic pill. Change is born as a result of sustainable adjustments to lifestyle and habits. It is the result of a combination of things, a system if you will.


The good news? YOU have the DESIRE and WE have the SYSTEM!


The better news? Step 1 in your journey towards healthy, sustainable change is FREE! It all begins with the FatBurner+ RESET E-book (get your free RESET here). RESET is a Detoxifying 3-Day Juice Cleanse that sets the table so to speak. It is the staging ground designed to be your foundation for success and long-term sustainable results. For almost all of us, poor digestion is interfering with the results that you’ve been dreaming about and the goals that you’ve had a difficult time meeting. Here is an excerpt from RESET that explains why:

“After years of providing your body with the incorrect fuel, your body’s digestive system becomes overworked and inefficient. Ultimately the inevitable results are metabolic problems, hormonal imbalances and increased sickness and disease.”

That is actually great news. It means that there is a reason WHY your previous efforts may have fallen short, and you now have something you can correct! The Juice Cleanse is strategically designed to clear out your digestive tract and rid your body of a build up of toxins. At that point, your body can return to a balanced state where everything just flows. Where it doesn’t have to work as hard. That is the way your body was designed to operate.

RESET will provide you with specific instructions on how to approach the 3-day cleanse. From exactly why it works and what it corrects, to the DO’s and DON’TS, to what to expect before, during and after. There are OVER 20 juice recipes for you to use, so you can ensure it will never be repetitive or boring. The program is also designed to extend well beyond 3 days. Once you have completed the cleanse you are encouraged to make it a daily habit. Not drinking juice 24/7, but simply adding it into your lifestyle in moderation. A great example would be to continue by having a Juice first thing in the morning before you start your day. It will set your body off on the right course!

The full 3-day cleanse can also be something that you cycle through, say, once every few months to keep your body operating at full capacity.

RESET, as we mentioned, is Step 1. Step 2 is introducing supplemental nutrition. The cleanse sets a perfect stage for your body to get the maximum benefit from the powerful ingredients in FatBurner+. From the Energy Blend, to the Amino and Vitality Blends, it contains super-ingredients designed to help your body operate at full capacity. Not only that, but with ingredients like Omega-3 Fish Oil, Coconut Oil, BCAA’s, Vitamin’s C & D, it can also replace other supplements you may already be taking. At that point, Step 3 is also provided to you for FREE! Our BURN Fitness and Nutrition E-Book normally costs $19.99, but now comes FREE with purchase of FatBurner+. BURN is the 3rd component of our system and provides a detailed road map to an effective & balanced approach to Fitness, Nutrition and Healthy Living.

For now, let’s just focus on the first step: RESET (get it free here). We highly recommend starting RESET with family or friends, because sharing this journey to better health with someone you love is an incredible experience. And be sure to share your experience with the FatBurner+ community in the comments section below. Your journey and any advice you may have based on your experience can be the guiding light that makes a momentous difference in someone else's life.

True success isn’t just about just what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to accomplish in theirs!!

Love and Health,
The FatBurner+ Team

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