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DON’T GET IT TWISTED: Dedication And Effort In The Wrong Direction Will Leave You Frustrated fat burner plus
12 2016 APRIL

DON’T GET IT TWISTED: Dedication And Effort In The Wrong Direction Will Leave You Frustrated

Help me out here. Please reassure me that I’m not the only one having little conversations with myself during random moments of the day!

Wait, let me add one more thing for the sake of clarity; I don’t mean loud, verbal theatrics on a bench in a busy park mid-summer. I’m talking about those in your head moments where your thoughts are bouncing back and forth quickly. It’s almost as though you’re in a conversation with some inner part of yourself. Let’s move forward from this point assuming that, if you’re still reading, I’m not alone on this one. We’re all one big family of normal and very much NOT crazy individuals trying our best to usher positive change into our lives.

Let me give you two personal examples of how these inner conversations I’m talking about can get started. I constantly fight with seemingly natural and inherent instincts to do (or not do) a particular thing, even though I know that the result of it is probably not ideal. When I was dating my wife as a teenager, I would constantly allow moments of tension or arguments to shut me down. I was never one of those people who was great at communicating emotions, so when something happened that would get my back up, it felt very natural and easy to just shut down emotionally. To stop talking. Sometimes for a day, sometimes for a week.

A more recent example is related to drinking. Now I don’t take issue with alcohol, but I was noticing two things: 1. Beer, as incredible as it is with chicken wings or a hot day after work, was not helping my mid section get on board with my fitness goals, and 2. As much as I felt in control, a few drinks will always look to seize an opportunity to remove that control. I don’t like being vulnerable to saying or doing something that I otherwise wouldn’t.

Here’s where I’m going with this… These are two examples of moments in life where your thought conversations can start up. I found myself being asked the question “Do you enjoy being frustrated?”. Funny how the questions we ask ourselves often seem to be rhetorical. The little jerk on the other end of that question seems to know the solution but just wants to make a point! Jerk or not, it was a valid point. In both cases I had tried to mount huge efforts to resolve the issues, with both initially resulting in pure frustration. Have you been there before? Putting everything you have into trying to fix something without seeing the results you are hoping for; perhaps even finding yourself worse off? Not only are you getting nowhere but now you’re mad and frustrated as well.

With my wife, I would focus on trying to not shut down, but I was failing miserably because I didn’t know anything else. With drinking, I also tried to focus on the drinking itself. It didn’t take long to discover that a focus on stopping cold turkey was harder than I thought. Borderline impossible actually. So many social situations became awkward because saying I didn’t want a drink drummed up even more questions. It quickly became easier to just have a drink! Both were habits I was so used to that they were not going to just break immediately simply because I had decided to turn against them.

I would argue back and forth with this cheeky little internal Rodney Dangerfield. He would often start getting frustrated with me too saying “I don’t get no respect” and accusing me of never listening to him.

But then it happened. One day I got it and everything changed. I didn’t read this at the time, but it perfectly encapsulates everything I felt at that moment when the penny dropped:




Every word of it was true. No one seemed to know better than me that focusing effort on fighting the old habits was a losing effort. What I needed to do was focus that same determination and effort on building some new ones! I could do that, after all, I was spending the effort either way. It was simply a matter of shifting the direction of it. That moment is when everything changed. It is a principle I have carried with me in every aspect of my life.

With my wife, instead of trying NOT to shut down, I focused on trying to say things like “I love you” at least once a day. I focused on trying to be proactive with my feelings through action. If talking emotions is difficult, it can be easier to start with actions that communicate the feelings and then allowing the opportunities they create to shift you into improvement on the communication side. With drinking, I stopped my focus on the drinking itself and tried to develop some new habits. I always enjoyed club soda and lime, so I keep a lot of that around and drink it constantly. I also started reading a lot more. As I focused on personal development through reading, I found myself actually wanting to drink a lot less. I began to understand my potential better and became less interested in things that would mess that up. Building positive habits was proving to be a much more effective way to eliminate the negative ones, as opposed to simply trying to line up and shoot the negative ones. It’s not that I plan to never drink again, but for right now the best way to achieve my goal is to eliminate it for the time being.

It is that very same philosophy that has guided the creation of the system we built for you with FatBurner+. A system focused on building new, daily habits that will eventually leave no room for the old destructive ones. A well designed weight-loss supplement is a great asset for anyone, but a 3-month change is not what you or I are interested in when it comes to our health. What we want is to introduce change that is sustainable, and the only way to do that is by building those daily habits that simply become a part of who we are. That is why health and fitness is best described as a LIFESTYLE. It’s not a pill, it’s not a diet, it’s not a particular workout. It is a lifestyle built brick by brick with daily habits that build upon themselves to the ultimate result: A healthy and happy you.

A previous post on the site introduced the free FatBurner+ RESET E-Book (click here to download RESET absolutely Free). Our 3-Day Juice Cleanse is designed to set you up for success by optimizing your digestive system and eliminating the toxins that have built up in your body, preparing it for success. While the cleanse can be used for 3-5 days initially, it can also be cycled every few months to maintain a healthy digestive system and flush the build-up of new toxins. It can, and should, be a valuable daily part of your lifestyle. FatBurner+ is the second step, providing your body the essential components for optimal metabolism, performance and energy.

The third component of the weight-loss system and sustainable healthy lifestyle comes in the form of the BURN 30-Day FITNESS & NUTRITION E-Book. It now comes absolutely FREE with every purchase of FatBurner+. The reason we don’t charge for it is because, like we’ve been saying, it goes hand in hand with our product and a healthy lifestyle; you simply cannot have one without the other. This all ties in with the importance of building positive habits, as fitness and nutrition are vital daily habits when it comes to achieving positive change in your lifestyle.

One of the biggest issues most of us face is lack of good information on how to get startedBURN was designed to show you how to get started exactly where you are and as you are right now, and build daily fitness and nutritional habits that will accelerate and maintain your success. It starts with the BURN QUICK START GUIDE to help you understand how BURN works and why it is designed the way it is. Then the full 30-Day Guide takes over to show you specifically step-by-step how to get started. It is completely scalable, which means anyone can do it! From the 60-year-old grandparent who is brand new to fitness to the 20-year-old college student who has been in and out of gyms for years. BURN includes 30 days of fitness programming that you can re-use each month as well as a 1-week sample meal plan to help you understand the basics of good nutrition.

The equipment requirement with BURN is designed to be very minimal so that you can do many of the workouts from home, as well as in any gym. They are designed around High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) which is meant to elevate your heart rate over short bursts versus long moderate intensity training. It keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat.

Simply put, our goal with programs like RESET and BURN is to ensure that you have all of the necessary tools to succeed. To sell them would be to potentially remove tools from your arsenal that are an essential component of your ultimate victory.

All we ask of you is this: That you focus the same energy and effort that you have spent in the past on fighting old habits, to build the new habits we are giving you with the FatBurner+ System. If you do that, you will experience change that goes beyond just your physical fitness and health. Your journey and transformation will inspire others around you to maximize their potential as well. THAT is the power you have to change not only yourself, but the world around you!


May your journey be as rewarding as your destination!

Adam Gauer

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