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HERE WE GROW AGAIN! By Nature Companies Strengthens Fat Burner Plus International Retail Presence fat burner plus
05 2017 JANUARY

HERE WE GROW AGAIN! By Nature Companies Strengthens Fat Burner Plus International Retail Presence

By Nature Companies, LLC (BNC) is entering 2017 at full speed; kicking off the New Year with official E-commerce and Retail launch of Fat Burner Plus in Mexico.

E-commerce: www.FatBurnerPlus.com has now been made available completely in Spanish as www.FatBurnerPlus.mx, making the products that so many people already love that much more accessible. Online checkout has been structured completely in local currency (rather than based off the USD exchange rate) in order to streamline the buying experience for consumers.

Warehousing and order fulfillment have also been structured in Mexico to expedite shipping and delivery times, and expand the Company’s Free Shipping on all U.S. Orders policy to Mexico’s online shoppers as well.

Retail: In tandem with the E-commerce launch, BNC has established distribution channels with several major retailers, including Mexico’s largest sporting goods chain Martí, and one of Mexico’s most elite fitness center franchises Sport City. Both the New Enhanced Formula FatBurner+ as well as the new delivery methods: FB+ SHOT and FB+ ENERGY will be distributed across Mexico. 

“We place an incredible amount of value on creating organic connections with our customers," said By Nature Companies, LLC Co-Founder, Adam Gauer. "The introduction of the Spanish website, product labels, resources, marketing content, along with the face-to-face interaction with retail consumers will contribute to the authenticity of that connection.”

BNC has worked to maintain the synergy between E-commerce and Retail so that brand awareness and recognition is positively reinforced for Mexican consumers between the two sales channels. The company’s innovative programs: RESET3 Day Detoxifying Juice Cleanse, and BURNComprehensive Fitness and Nutrition Guide are also now available in Spanish, and play a key role in that strategy. 

Among BNC’s upcoming projects is the conversion/development of BURN and RESET into multi-lingual mobile Apps to further that synergy and stimulate today’s modern consumer. Ultimately, the goal is to offer the App in most major languages so that people around the world can experience the benefits of a sustainable, healthy lifestyle in an easy to follow format and guide.

Gauer went on to say, “While our focus always remains on making great products and providing the resources and support needed to sustain a positive lifestyle change, we will never forget that we are in the people business. Spreading our credo in more languages is another great way to foster that connection...”


About By Nature Companies, LLC
By Nature Companies, LLC is a next generation health supplement and healthy living organization. We live and breathe the lifestyle that we preach; a lifestyle that, above all else, is the foundation of sustainable health and weight-loss results. Our passion for this lifestyle has given way to creation of a comprehensive 3-step system, completely scalable for people at all levels of health and from all walks of life. This incredible system has successfully led to both body and life transformation for people all around the world!

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