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Major advancements have been made in natural health supplement formulations, thanks to cutting edge research done over the past several years. More and more compounds are being researched, with a special focus on applying these new compounds, and newly studied ingredient combinations, to weight-loss.
With FatBurner+ we’ve taken the guesswork out of it.
The research involved in the creation of this formula was entirely results-driven, but the most important thing is that we’ve accomplished this results-driven formula by using natural and safe, yet extremely potent ingredients.
FatBurner+ can do more than just help you burn fat, but let’s start there.*
Case in Point… Faster Metabolism = Less Body Fat
Without an optimized metabolism, you most likely feel as though your body just doesn’t process the food you eat as well as it used to. This leads to your body storing more fat as opposed to burning that fat and converting it into fuel.
The human body contains 'receptors' that trigger your body to store fat rather than burn it.
It's called the Alpha-2 receptor and even though you can’t see it or feel it, right now it’s locking fat onto your hips, arms, stomach and butt.
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Studies have shown that Green Tea Extract, just one of the powerful natural ingredients in FatBurner+, can "switch off" the Alpha-2 receptor. This not only limits fat accumulation, but more importantly, it forces your body to target stubborn body fat for use as an energy source as opposed to storing it for a rainy day!
FatBurner+ contains specific ingredient combinations known to increase your metabolism.* When your body’s metabolism is running in high gear, it’s optimized to burn through stored body fat no matter where you are or what you’re doing.*

Boosts Your Body's RMR*

Whatever you’re doing, whether its lifting weights, walking in the park, or just sitting on the couch watching television, your body is constantly using energy - the latter is known as your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Here’s the bad news…as we age, our bodies naturally experience a heavy decline in RMR. The good news is…you can do something about it! FatBurner+ is scientically formulated to boost your RMR, so that even at rest you’re body is burning more calories than usual.* An effective and optimized metabolism is essential for seeing both instant and long-term results - the slower your metabolism, the less fat you’re able to burn.

While FatBurner+ is hard at work going to town on your metabolism, the rest of the ingredients are sweeping through your body…Helping to ensure your appetite doesn't destroy your hard work, swapping your fat for muscle, giving you a sustainable energy boost to fuel your workouts, and revitalizing your overall health & wellbeing.*


Word of the day “Catabolism”. Dieting and weight-loss routines can force the body to break down muscle for fuel it needs as opposed to stored fat. This is what’s known as Catabolism. The powerful Amino Blend contributes to the effectiveness of FatBurner+ especially when combined with resistance training by stimulating protein synthesis and enhancing post-workout muscle recovery, repair and growth.* The Amino Blend contains Essential Amino Acids that the body cannot produce internally, meaning they must be ingested through food or supplements. These Amino Acids help the body produce energy and are critical to heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other important body processes.


The powerful Amino Acid, L-theanine, is capable of crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier, and has been studied for its potential to reduce mental and physical stress, and boost mood and cognitive performance in a synergistic manner with caffeine.


Hunger typically leads to poor nutrition decision. In between meals all of the sudden you feel the hunger pains and it's human nature for us to reach for a quick fix, which is typically some processed, sweet, sugary snack. These types of foods turn off your fat burning switch and turn on your fat storing switch. By taking FatBurner+ you help to reduce these cravings, which reduces the amount of fat storing foods you eat.*


Not only functioning as a weight-loss supplement, Fat Burner+ also delivers an age-defying Vitality Complex.* Silica contained in the Vitality Complex is used by the body in cell formation and metabolism, and has the ability to enhance connective and elastic tissues, including collagen, which begins to deteriorate as our bodies age. Combining Silica with an additional source of heart-healthy Essential Fatty Acids like Omega3's and the Thyroid boosting effect of Coconut Oil makes our FatBurner+ a must have multi-functional approach to weight-loss.*


An intense weight-loss routine and diet can leave your energy levels very low. The Energy Blend in FatBurner+ not only boosts your metabolism, it also works as a stimulant to help fuel your body through intense cardio, or weight training sessions.* Or even just to get you up and out the door for a walk in the park when you’re not feeling up to it.

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You may have heard it before, but building muscle actually helps your body burn more fat. The combination of resistance training and FatBurner+ will give you extraordinary results*. Unfortunately, many women avoid resistance training due to fear of looking masculine. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, be sure to read this.
Here’s some final food for thought....
Did you know a low calorie diet + exercise = slower metabolism?
If you “starve” your body by cutting down on the calories that your body is used to, it actually adapts to that shock by lowering the amount of energy (food) it needs. To accomplish this, your body actually begins slowing down its metabolism.
Less fuel of course, means you'll have less energy, making it harder to get yourself motivated to exercise. When you feel exhausted, it’s also typical to resort to the quick fi- xes: chemical-laden energy drinks, or sugary snacks, just to keep you going.
It gets worse, however, because it's easy to think fewer calories would result in less fat storage by your body. But the truth is that when your body is feeling even a mild starvation, its natural response is to store extra calories as body fat. This is a leftover precursor from our “caveman” era in which the body intentionally self-protects itself from any potential extended period of famine.
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And that’s not good if you're trying to burn fat.
What’s the solution?
A harmonious balance between food, exercise, and nutritional supplements.

Your need the proper fuel

Your body requires optimal and balanced amounts of calories, carbs, fats, and proteins.* Cutting out one or more of them simply does not allow the body to function at its optimum level. So for one, toss away the fad diets! It’s simple, eat smaller portions of whole foods, organic and Non-GMO when possible, and cut out as many processed foods as possible.*

You need to be active

Physical activity supports so many important health functions.* We’re talking about improving overall quality of life here and now, and reducing risk of chronic conditions like Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and many others.*

You need supplements

Your body can’t always get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it needs to function at optimal levels solely from the food you eat.* This means that it’s extremely important, especially during heavy training and dieting routines, to fulll those needs with nutritional supplements.*